Havilah Babock's Take on Fly Fishing

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Havilah Babock's Take on Fly Fishing

Postby Blackwater » Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:11 pm

Here is an excerpt from Havilah Babcock's short story Monofilament Hates People. One of the better collection of thoughts on fly fishing that I have read. I hope you gentlemen of the long pole enjoy this short read. The entire short story is posted now under General Discussions here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14087 .


(Excerpt from Monofiliament Hates People by Havilah Babcock

Not that I have only one string to my bow. If there is a way a fish can be fished for, I’ve probably tried it. Conditions decide how an angler angles--how and with what. But a man’s mood has something to do with it too. There are mellow afternoons, and mellow moods to go with them, that seem preordained for a fly rod. It is the only picture that fits the frame, and nature would cry out against anything else.

But fly-casting has undergone a loss of favor too. This is much to be rued. Things can be said for the art of persuading a dry fly or a reasonable facsimile thereof, to betake itself from here to yonder and comport itself as a properly brought-up fly should. It is beyond peradventure the most leisurely and tranquilizing form of fishing. What will so banish the cares that infest the day as the rhythmic swish of a fly rod over a lily-crowded cove tip at eventide?

Whenever I need a psychiatrist, I go fly fishing, holding a boat to be superior to a couch any day of the week. A fly rod is good for whatever ails a man. Any curable infirmity to which the flesh is heir is sure to respond to its persuasive therapy. And it is especially recommended for ulcers, nervous breakdowns, and overdoses of wedlock.

More than any other kind of fishing, fly-casting can be enjoyed whether the fish cooperate or not. It seems to carry its own compensations, and it is such a pleasurable pastime in itself that the necessity for filling the creel is for the moment forgotten. And a fly fisherman is pretty likely to have the instincts of a gentleman, especially a good fly fisherman. I have never yet met one who was a game hog. But the younger generation must not sell the fly rod short, or dismiss it as the dilettante’s toy. There are conditions under which it is the deadliest of tools.
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