How about plastic flies?

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Re: How about plastic flies?

Postby Riverpirate » Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:06 pm

BTW, I never got any of these flies....:(
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Re: How about plastic flies?

Postby crawdadcraig » Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:05 pm

Hey Coach,
Glad you asked. The toy I use for the Darth Baiter is just a much larger version of the one I use on the Wee Willie Wiggler (pan fish/trout fly - see youtube). There are two toys, the light up Eye Ball Creature and the much larger light up Jumbo Eyeball Creature. They're made in China (of course) and are distributed by East-West Distributing Company, otherwise known as Walgreens Drugs Stores.


They are a seasonal item, summer season, so if you want some better look now or you won't be seeing them till next spring. I was just in Chicago, the home of Walgreen's Drugs so I took advantage of the situation and stocked up a little.


I may be close to a hoarder when it comes to fly tying materials but I have a lifetime supply, how about you? I am willing to part with a few legs for anyone who wants to play. Just Pm me and we'll talk. I am working on an article for one of the fly magazines with the complete instructions on how to...tie? Build would be a better verb. To build a Darth Baiter of your own.

I'm sure there are some much more purist type fly guys out there right now crying heresy, that's not fly tying or fly fishing! OK, I'm fly building and bassbugging but I'm catching more bass and in places and ways you never could and I'm fine with it. Call it the grey (shades of?) area between traditional fly fishing and spin fishing. Call it progress. There's an recent article about Bob Popovic and his Surf Candy flies. When these epoxy/synthetic hair flies came out it was looked down it's in every saltwater fly fishers box. I'm sure it will be the same with the Darth Baiter, welcome to the future.
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