Don't know when yet, but gonna cook this up sometime soon.

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Don't know when yet, but gonna cook this up sometime soon.

Postby Titaniumman » Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:06 pm

This is a good pre-spring or early spring thing to do. If I can just find a weekend with good weather, and the river at a good level.

The only thing I don't have yet is the cans of crabmeat. I saw them at Trader Joe's. Gotta drop by there and get a couple.

The rest of this stuff is in my freezers and cupboards on the river and in my apartment.

I'll start the cooking in my camper:

I'll simmer 2 turkey thighs (2.4 pounds) until they are cooked well enough to cut up into small pieces.

While that's going on, I'll brown 3 cups of flour in 1½ cups of extra virgin olive oil in a big Teflon pan until it's the color of ground coffee.

I'll then transfer this brown mixture to a large pot and add cold water, a 32 ounce package of Swanson chicken broth, and the "juice" from six 8 ounce cans of oysters.

I'll bring this mixture to a simmer and add about 3 chopped up Vidalia onions, some chopped up garlic, Italian flat parsley leaves, and if I can find some celery with plenty of leaves, I'll put in the celery leaves.

While that's simmering, I'll chop up the turkey thigh meat and slice 2 packages (1.75 pounds) of Eckridge smoked sausage into irregular bite sized pieces.

I'll pour the contents of the pot that's been simmering into a huge pot out on a big grill shelf over the fire ring outside over coals, adding the turkey and sausage. The huge pot can simmer out there. I'll add some freshly ground black pepper, sea salt, red cayenne pepper, Louisiana hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce to taste.

Meanwhile, back in the camper, I'll commence steaming long grain rice in saucepans.

After the huge pot has been simmering for about 20 minutes, I'll add 2 large cans of lump crab meat. They'll have just enough time to cook down into and make the sauce ever so rich.

After a few more minutes, I'll add 3 pounds of Jumbo Shrimp.

Then, I'll add 1½ pounds of crawfish tail meat.

Then, I'll add 1 pound of tiny Langostino lobster tails.

Right at the very end, I'll add the 6 cans of oysters.

We'll have plenty of big bowls of rice covered in ground up dried sassaphras leaves that grew right on the property.

We'll just ladle the cooked mixture over the rice and sassaphras.

The red and black pepper, salt, and Louisiana hot sauce will be on hand for anyone who thinks it's not spicy enough.

If any of my friends see a good weekend for this marvelous meal approach, please do let me know.
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Re: Don't know when yet, but gonna cook this up sometime soo

Postby Blackwater » Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:46 pm

Shucking of raw oysters may
also date back to Indian utilization of

When motorized vessels and
trucking came into common use, the
outlying canneries were closed (G.
Maggioni, pers. comm 1969-2000).
Several plants were closed after being
damaged by hurricanes rather than rebuilt
(Huckaby 1981; McCracken, pers.
comm. 2001; G. Maggioni, pers . comm
1970; F. Smith 1982) (See Appendix).
Canned oysters were shipped all over
the United States and Europe and for
many years the Maggioni Company
was the largest producer in the world
of “cove” oysters, as canned oysters
were called (Savannah Morning
News 1940). At first, the canned
oysters were sold under the labels of
Baltimore, Maryland companies but
soon the company introduced its own
brand, “Daufauski”, and it became
known worldwide.

The L.P. Maggioni Company established
a cannery in South Carolina
on Daufuskie Island in 1893 (Burn
1991; G. Maggioni, pers. comm. 1969).
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