Smoked Mullet Dip

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Smoked Mullet Dip

Postby Blackwater » Sat Oct 18, 2014 8:41 pm

If you have taken Hwy 98 east from Perry FL before you cross Rocky Creek 0r the Ecofina River you will pass by a small seafood restaurant called Roy Deals. Roy is dead but his survivors honor his was of doing business. They get local fresh seafood daily to cook and sell for cash only (no checks or credit cards). The Roy Deal menu is usually hand written & copied because they only sell fresh and when they run out they quit serving. The open late in the afternoon and are closed by 7 or 8 o'clock every day because people line up to eat there and the fresh supply they get from local boats and docks is somewhat limited. One thing they always have is mullet dip. I think you can get fresh mullet every day which is why his dip is a staple with crackers its an appetizer hard to beat.

By now you may be wondering where this short story is going so I will get to the point. Friends from here in Hazlehurst went to the coast near Darien this week and brought me a variety of fresh fish and one of the bags held fresh mullet caught in a cast net. George Gainer can tell you more about that but they were fresh,, small mullet and looked like something Roy Deal would like to have. I called Roy Deal's to get his recipe for smoked mullet dip and was thanked for calling but was told that Roy got the recipe from his grandmother and only his surviving kin knew the recipe and it was secret. Not even the cooks at the restaurant know the recipe.

I then read several recipes on line and decided to take the best of several and try my hand. It turned out good to my way of tasting and I don't mind sharing it. Not exactly like Roy Deals's but at least the smoked mullet flavor was the same.

Of course I started with mullet filets salted and peppered and placed in a 250 degree smoker with a piece of cured oak wood for smoke. I used my 5 burner gas grill and lit only one burner turned as low as it would go. I placed the oak wood directly over that burner and then placed the mullet filets on the other end of the grill skin side down and never let the heat get over 250 degrees. I smoked my mullet about three hours. Here's what that rig looked like.

After I took up the mullet I separated the fish from the skin and it made about one cup of beautiful smoked mullet meat. I assembled the other ingredients which I will list here and then picture for you.

One cup of smoked mullet meat chopped very small or processed, I used a small manual food processor which work fine.
One half Vidalia Sweet onion small and diced up small or processed. Again I used a small hand operated food processor.
Stone ground or Dijon mustard, I used 6 tspoons of stone ground.
Mayonaisse is the binder so only use enough to hold the hold mixture together. For me Duke's is the only kind I would use. I used 3 tspoons.
1 tspooon of lime juice and one eigth tspoon of coarse ground black pepper
I cowhorn or other hottish pepper diced up seeds and all. Add some hot sauce if you wish.

Finely chop the fish and onion then add the other ingredients. I used the hand operated food processer so I could have good control over the consistency. I don't like my dip slick or slimy, just well mixed . I ate mine on Ritz crackers while I enjoyed switching back & forth between three ball games.
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Re: Smoked Mullet Dip

Postby howl » Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:45 pm

Looks good. There's a fella does a blog on stuff like that. His idea is that the further down the food chain the fish, the less contamination the flesh. It comes down to he tries different kinds of fish most consider bait and figures out if its possible to make them palatable. His main method is to smoke for flavor and can to dissolve bones. He claims most of us that don't eat bait are eating something less appetizing when we have a tuna fish sandwich.
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Re: Smoked Mullet Dip

Postby otter » Sun Oct 19, 2014 7:07 pm

Years ago there was a restaurant in Mayport Fl. right where the St. Johns flows into the ocean and it always had mullet dip and "soda" crackers on the table. Theirs was a simple recipe of smoked mullet, mayonnaise, onion and salt and pepper. It was wonderful and I did have the recipe, but have lost it, but given those simple ingredients it isn't hard to produce something very similar. I will make it with smoke rainbow trout you can buy in the store sometimes.
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Re: Smoked Mullet Dip

Postby Dirk » Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:19 pm

That looks really good... Some good SEC football this week to watch. I did not see the Kentucky/LSU game but I was curious if Kentucky really had anything this year as they somehow beat SC (missed that game too). From the score it sounds like LSU spanked em pretty good. I was also a little surprised the Gators did not atleast make it close with Mizzo in the swamp.?.?.? Getting off track though. Thanks for posting the dip and recipe, glad you had a good weekend, and hope your back heals up quick.
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