Coosa river 11-6

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Coosa river 11-6

Postby AlanShort » Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:54 pm

Yesterday I fished solo and could have deffinately used some help. Fished 7-12 and got 15-20(all small) in the boat and probably missed 3 times that many easy. From the first 2 minutes to the last it was a which rod do I grab day and the day I missed the big ones. I put in at downtown Rome. Early in the mornings they were 2 feet off the bank in the extreme shallows and off in the channel by 10:30. Early target log jams and fallen over trees. Mid morning go down to some deeper 15-25 ft holes. Theres very few in the stretch from Rome to the Lock but find one midday and they will be there. Had one on that wouldve easily went over 30lbs. Came up boiling and flopping went down and started swimming towards me. When it decided that wasnt the route it wanted to take it turn and gave a hard pull and out popped the hook. Was sick and as soon as it popped off I looked up and had a rod doubled over hard but couldnt get to it in time. Missed 3 other really nice pulldowns and they seemed to always know when I was on the other side of the boat. Fun day with perfect weather. Hard to beat
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