Tennessee river 9/27

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Tennessee river 9/27

Postby AlanShort » Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:41 am

One of my buddies and I headed below the chickamauga dam thursday for a way overdue trip. I was mainly wanting to get him a new pb. We drove around for the first 30 minutes with nothing showing up on the bird. We finally just found some deeper(17-20ft) water a couple miles down. The first few miles below the dam is 7-12 ft. Was putting out the third rod when the second slammed down and couldnt get to it in time. That was the story of the day. Big quick slams. 5 minutes into the drift I caught a 22lb 10 oz blue. The first 3 hours was action packed couldnt keep bait in the water. Around 9:30 a rod slammed down right next to Ricky and I seen it burried, he was having trouble getting it out of the rod holder. Finally gets it up. Ripping drag he fought it half way to the boat and it just came unbuttoned. Man was we sick but didnt have time to cry just a few seconds later the back rod SLAMMED and I could barely get it out. I knew that I was about to have my new PB. Let him run for a minute and tried to crank it in. Man this was an enormous fish. Two cranks and it came unbuttoned. I couldnt believe it man. Two monster fish got off in less than a minute. Trying to hurry and get all the rods back down ricky looks on the bird and was the biggest fish to ever come across the screen. It was 3 1/2-4 inches across the screen on the 998c. Well we had a few more big slam downs without getting them but we ended up with atleast 25 blues and missing atleast 40 just because all the rods were hitting at the same time. Most were 5lbers with 30lb appetites. We could have used another person or two in the boat yesterday. Hopefully will be back up in two weeks to try for that world record again. This time will probably be a night trip. We drifted with skipjack from daylight till 12:30 and left them biting but Ricky had to be at the Atlanta braves game so we headed out. Man I cant wait to get back out up there
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