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Hello From Thomasville GA

Postby Double G » Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:55 pm

Hello all,
I've been surfing GRF for over a week or so and you guys have really done a good job here providing a lot of in depth info. Decided to join because you guys have it going on for people that like to paddle. I just sold my Heritage Redfish 14 and waiting for a Disco 119 to arrive. I used the Redfish 14 a few times on the Carrabelle FL flats for trout but never got excited about it - and it was heavy. I liked using my powered inshore boat more but I am getting tired of saltwater inshore/offshore and I've really been missing the rivers. I've fished the Withlachoochee, Swannee and a Alapaha in years past. I live a few minutes from the Ochlocknee River US 19 N landing but I don't know how good it is. I'd like to try it and the Lower Flint when the flood waters subside. I think the Withlachoochee has turned into a sewage dump several times from Valdosta according to what I've heard. It used to be a fun river to fish and paddle in the 70's and early 80's.
I've got a Replay Cam to take some vids and pics with along the way to make this more interesting for everyone. Can't wait to get started. I've been looking at the DYI section on how to mod the 119 seat and get it rigged out. Some of the posts are old and missing pics but I kinda get the idea. Got just about everything including a 260CM double blade and cherry paddle if I need it. - just waiting on the canoe. I plan on using the canoe for some prospecting interests I have on old ford crossings from the 1700 and 1800's. It's the only way to get to many of those sites because the land is mostly all private now. But they don't own the navigable creeks and rivers...yet.
Any advice you guys have is well appreciated. Looking for a good source for inland river maps. I'm an old compass dude but I do have a Garmin 62ST if I get in the mood to use it.
Also thinking about a small trolling motor modification so I can go upstream and float back down since I'm going to be mostly solo. Don't know how practical that would be in the Disco.

Anything you guys want to throw at me is okay. Again, I'm glad to have found this forum. I hope to make some slight contributions to this site and perhaps meet some of you in the near future.
Double G
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Re: Hello From Thomasville GA

Postby Blackwater » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:58 pm

Welcome Friend. You will love the Disco 119. Best river craft for the money for sure. There's a couple other guys from T ville on here. Search on andy'staxidermy and look at some of the Ochlocknee fish he has posted.
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