What Happened to the River Fishing Forums?

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What Happened to the River Fishing Forums?

Postby Snowbass23 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:35 am

Good morning to anyone that might stumble across this post! I feel like someone that wakes up at the end of a post-apocalyptic movie to find he's the last man on earth. I'm just curious what happened to the all of the River Fishing Forums that spawned off of GRF? I've been out of the US for 8 years (US Military) and things sure look different. I was stationed in Alabama and got really active in ARF during the mid to late 200's. Through ARF I found GRF and met some really nice folks and fished a few times with some of them. I moved to Alaska in 2010 and both boards were still going strong. I drifted away from ARF because of distance and a difference in personality with some of the louder types there. Now, this summer I'm looking at moving back into the states and wanted to come read up on old boards and trip reports. ARF seems non-existent except for the front page, dating back several years. But I'm shocked to see that GRF looks like it all but imploded too. Any idea what happened? I'd be happy with a PM giving me a sanitized version too, I'm not looking to start trouble or bring up hard feelings!! I'm honestly just shocked that what seemed like a really close community either blew up or migrated. I've done some google searches but don't see an obvious new home for all of the old GRF/ARF types.

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