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Real-Time Georgia River Levels- Next to rod and reel, a river fisherman's best friend. Allows you to click on your favorite river and see the water level. Extremely useful web site by the USGS.  Your tax dollars at work!

Daily River Summary- Not quite as detailed as the USGS site, but this National Weather Service site covers a few different rivers and creeks.

The Weather Channel- Check out the weather for that upcoming fishing trip!

Georgia DOT County Maps Online- Another great scouting resource (Thank Gone to Seed for finding it!). This website is great for locating access points for some of those little-known rivers and streams that you just KNOW have some fish in them!! Just pick a Georgia county and Presto!! You have a county map!

TerraServer- I do a lot of exploring, and Microsoft has provided a very helpful resource that provides both aerial photographs and topographic maps. Once you get the hang of it, you can explore a river or creek without leaving the house. Very useful for hunters, too.

Topozone- Another great mapping site! Topozone allows suscribers to download their own maps. Another mapping site that allows you to create your own customized maps. You create them and they send 'em to you. MyTopo even makes waterproof maps!


Georgia Boat Ramps operated by WRD- This site is so cool I'm thinking about buying a bass boat just so I can locate ramps on it! WRD operates ramps on more than a few rivers, too! This site will give you directions AND provide maps! It also links to other sites with info on ramps operated by Georgia Power, Army Corps of Engineers, and others.

WMA's with Water Access- Some great rivers flow through Georgia Wildlife Management Areas. This link contains the names of many WMA's and Public Fishing Areas. Many of these have only lakes, but many also have rivers and streams.

State Park Water Sports- Many of our state Parks have river access too! This link might help you find a little-known canoe launch or wading area.

Georgia County Parks- This site has an interactive map that allows you to click on a county and see a listing of local parks. It's amazing how many of these are located on rivers and streams!


Georgia River Fishing Information- The Georgia DNR has write-ups on 17 different rivers detailing what you can expect to catch out of each. A great source of information!!

Coosa Basin Striper Club- These folks deserve a lot of the credit for helping stop the rebuilding of the Coosa Lock and Dam. If you want to learn more about river striper fishing, you need to be hanging out with these guys!

Southeastern Fly Fishing- Bill Byrd is an outdoor writer here in Georgia that spends a lot of time on moving water. Bill's site contains some great articles and some ideas on equipment that are very informative.

Catfishing Rivers and Creeks- I get asked about catfish all the time and frankly don't know much about them. Here is an Ohio-based site devoted to moving-water catfish.

North Georgia Trout Online- A wonderful Georgia-specific web site. Of particular interest to GRF fans will be the "Warm Water Talk" message board. The regulars that post here really know their stuff and searching the archives can often yield some good info. 

Georgia Outdoor News- Most Georgia outdoorsmen and women are already familiar with GON, and if you're not you should be. GON is a monthly magazine packed with Georgia-specific information on hunting and fishing. GON does a fantastic job of keeping outdoorsmen informed about legislative issues that affect all of us!

Georgia Sportsman- Georgia Sportsman is the granddaddy of our state's outdoor publications, having been around since the mid-70's. Their website provides access to lots of articles about hunting and fishing in Georgia. I enjoy surfing this site to read about the outdoors in other states as well!

Flyfishing West Georgia and Beyond- Kent Edmonds knows his stuff when it comes to fishing with the long rod, be it rivers, lakes, or trout streams!

River Okay, so we hardly have any smallmouth bass in Georgia. Still, this site has great articles exclusively about fishing rivers and streams. One of the best fishing sites on the web!


Georgia Department of Natural Resources- If you hunt or fish in the state of Georgia, this site will be useful. At the DNR site you can find info on licenses, limits, and just about anything else you can think of. DNR also has a great section devoted to South Georgia rivers!

Georgia Wildlife Federation- While I may not agree with GWF on all of their policies, the fact remains that this organization has it's heart in the right place. This site has some in-depth articles on the Alcovy and Chattahoochee rivers and a piece on the Flint available for members.

Altamaha Riverkeeper- James Holland and company are doing a great job in protecting the Altamaha watershed. This is not just a South Georgia operation either! The Altamaha watershed includes every stream that contributes to the flow of the Oconee and Ocmulgee rivers and begins in the foothills well north of Atlanta.

Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper- More than any other single group, the Upper Hooch Riverkeeper has helped the Chattahoochee survive it's precarious location. Great info here as well!

The Riverkeeper- This organization focuses on the Chattahoochee River. There is an extremely interesting article on this site about the possibility of breaching two old dams on the Hooch as it flows between Columbus and Phenix City, which would restore an amazing section of the river known as The Falls of the Chattahoochee that is currently underwater.

Canoochee Riverkeeper- The Canoochee River is located in southeast Georgia and is one of the most beautiful blackwater rivers you will ever see. Canoochee Riverkeeper aims to keep it that way.

Ohoopee River Canoe Club- The ORCC is based in Vidalia, Georgia and is a paddling club that emphasizes conservation. This is a neat website!

Conasauga River Alliance- Most Georgians only know the Conasauga River as a wilderness trout stream. The Conasauga, however, is a warmwater fishery for over 90% of its length, and a very good fishery at that! CRA has put together a very professional and informative website.

Coosa River Basin Initiative- Information concerning the protection of the Coosa River and it's tributaries.

Upper Etowah River Alliance- Information on the Etowah River. Lots of cool pictures on this website!


OTHER SITES OF INTEREST Just in case any of you are as big a Dawgs fan as I am, you'll definitely want to check this out. Todd Unzicker (The General) helps run it, and there is more up-to-the-minute information on here for Dawg fans than you can shake a stick at. Game reviews, previews, interviews, recruiting info, and message boards. This site has more than any crazed Dawg fan could ever ask for! 

Georgia Wilderness Society- GWS is a non-profit group based in Macon that organizes paddling, camping, and hiking excursions in Georgia and throughout the southeast. Check out their photo section for some cool river photos.

The Georgia Canoeing Association- GCA is Georgia's largest paddling organization. There are some extremely knowledgeable river folks in GCA.

Canoeing, Kayaking, and Camping the Beautiful Suwannee River- The Okefenokee Swamp and Suwannee River are truly Georgia treasures. Bill Logan's website has everything you'd ever need to know about these places, plus tons of pictures of the Suwannee and numerous other Georgia rivers!

The LaFavor Chronicles- Not necessarily a river site, but I absolutely love it! Horace LaFavor shares his unique outlook on carp and life in general. Definitely worth your while!

NetKnots- This is such a cool website. Learn how to tie ANY type of knot there is: fishing, sailing, climbing, whatever 


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