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It's Shoaliepalooza Time!!

    Georgia River Fishing is proud to announce the 7th Annual Shoaliepalooza, which will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 18th and 19th on the Flint River near Thomaston. Whether or not the fish are bitin', this is a great chance to meet other GRF members, eat a bunch of fried catfish, and tell lies around the campfire. Last year was an absolute blast! Anyone is invited, and if you can only fish for one day come on anyway!! Here is the pertinent information:

    WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, March 18th and 19th (though there will be a good many folks fishing Friday the 17th also!) . Meet at 8 AM (or thereabouts) Saturday morning. Some folks will be ready and raring to go right at 7 and will want to run their own shuttles in their own boats. If anyone would rather rent a canoe from Flint River Outdoor Center, they run a shuttle at 9 AM to Sprewell Bluff. That float ends at the campground so we'll see you there! If you can only make it on Sunday, drive on back to the campground on the side of the river OPPOSITE the store some time between 8 and 9 AM. Some folks might head home, but there will be plenty of folks to fish with. There are a few folks I know of who are camping on Friday night also. Check the GRF Message Board to coordinate with those folks.

    WHERE: The Flint River Outdoor Center is located on GA Highway 36 a few miles south of Thomaston right where Highway 36 crosses the river. We have two campsites reserved right on the river (on the side of the river opposite the store- this is a different campsite from years past). The phone number is (706) 647-2633)  in case you get lost. Riverbend Restaurant is located off 36 a mile or less from the FROC. It'll be on your right as you head back into Thomaston.

    COST: Camping costs $15 per campsite with two adults. Each additional adult is $4 per night. GRF pays the $15 for two campsites Saturday night, so theoretically you should pay $4 if you camp Saturday night. There's probably room for 8-10 tents between the two campsites. GRF has the same campsites reserved for Friday, but Friday night campers will need to foot the bill for that.  When you arrive, stop and pay at the FROC (Flint River Outdoor Center) store. If you are planning on renting a canoe and getting FROC to shuttle you upstream, the cost is around $30 I believe. The only other cost I can think of is the $12-$15 for all-you-can-eat catfish at the Riverbend restuarant, which is less than five minutes away from the campground.

* Cost Disclaimer: All the comings and goings of the GRF crew tend to discombobulate the accounting staff at the FROC. This sometimes results in pricing discrepancies. My advice is to be very patient and smile a lot.

    WHAT TO BRING: Bring whatever you normally would for a fishing/car camping trip. You'll want to bring some food and drink for when you are out on the water, and something to eat for breakfast Sunday morning. I imagine a bunch of these details will be worked out on the Official Shoaliepalooza VII Thread on the GRF Message Board. That will be the best place to get your questions answered if there is something I have neglected to mention here.

I look forward to seeing all of you!




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