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GRFers Are Doing More Than Just Going Fishing: The Shoal Bass Alliance

     Download printable Shoal Bass Alliance Membership Application


If you'd like to make sure your kids and grandkids have an opportunity to catch something like this, then read on...  

     When Georgia River Fishing was launched back in May of 2000, I had no idea the impact it would have. Now, with over 800 registered members and close to 800 unique visitors every day I am beginning to realize what GRF can become. At our 6th annual Shoaliepalooza back in March, officers were officially elected to form the Shoal Bass Alliance, which will be a non-profit organization devoted to helping out shoal bass (micropterus cateractae) in their native range. The catalyst behind the formation of SBA was Mark Redden, a long-time GRFer known as Shoalwalker on the GRF Message Board. Getting things like this off the ground requires tons of hard work, dedication, and the ability to work through frustration. Mark deserves the gratitude of everyone who enjoys pursuing shoal bass and everyone who ever will.

     I am also extremely proud that every member of SBA's original Board is also a member of Georgia River Fishing. And that is why GRF exists: to get river fishermen together in a big group so they can go about pursuing positive change that benefits our rivers, our fish, and our sport. Now we need to get the word out to the general public about this amazing fish and it's habitat. We also need to keep shoal bass logbooks, restore habitat, assist with sampling, and keep an eye out for people and events that might do harm to shoal bass populations and habitat.

    To achieve it's objectives, The Shoal Bass Alliance also needs to be a big group. SBA primarily needs two things: financial resources and elbow grease. There will be more info to come on specific SBA projects, but right now we need to develop a strong membership base. You can join SBA by printing off this form and mailing it to the address on the form with your membership dues. There are different membership levels, and it is possible to join SBA simply by pledging to provide some help with future shoal restoration or river cleanup projects. I fully expect that the membership of SBA will be as full of GRF members as the Board of Directors. If you have a love of shoal bass then now's the time to step up and prove it.




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