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From the Editor 15 June, 2006

It's Been a Good Week

    On the way up to eastern Tennessee last Thursday, I told my buddy Will that I had two goals for our weekend fishing the French Broad and Pigeon rivers. The first goal was to catch a smallmouth bass that weighed over two pounds. The second was to catch a smallie on topwater. I didn't expect I'd manage both on the same cast. Will and I were wading a huge pool, working our way up to some shoals were we expected to find active fish working. I was flinging a big popper as far as I could, maybe halfway across the river, and chugging it back at a pretty good clip when the smallie pictured above nailed it. After releasing the fish, I couldn't help thinking back on the weekend.

    The fishing was extremely tough all weekend. Both the French Broad and Pigeon rivers have reputations as excellent smallie fisheries, but we struggled all weekend to catch fish. On the French Broad, they seemed to only want small stuff crawled on the bottom and on the Pigeon they only wanted big stuff burned near the surface. I was accompanied by two of the best fishermen I know, Will (Kokosing Lover on GRF) and Bo (Bingo), and we all had long stretches of time were we just couldn't buy a strike. I can think of worse places to float along and watch the scenery though.

    The fish we did encounter tended to be pretty big, and I was blessed with some of the biggest smallies of my life. Bo and Will caught their share also, and you'll be able to see a buch of pictures over at Tennessee River Fishing in a few days. Here are some of my best fish to whet your appetite:

     So then we got back to boring ole Georgia and Will and I decided to go fishing one morning. We decided to explore a small area flow and intersperse some catfishing with our usual bass chasing. Well, the bad news is that I didn't catch any catfish (although Will caught four). Here's the good news:

This 5-5 largemouth nailed a spinnerbait in about six inches of water right below a shoal. She isn't supposed to be hanging out in places like this in June.

This 4-14 largemouth nailed the same spinnerbait and fought like the dickens. She was hanging out exactly where she should have been: in deeper water in a huge tangle of cover.

     Like I said earlier, it's been a good week. I need to run and go buy some lottery tickets fast.



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