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Trip Reports

Shoaliepalooza 2009 Recap- NEW!!- Read all about the 2009 Shoaliepalooza and check out the little boy with all the fish!.

Ultimate Vacation- NEW!!- Creekstalker's cross-country family vacation that included a bit of river time.

826,572 Shoalie Casts Later and ... WHAM!- BasserDrew takes us along on a moment in shoal bass fishing that made GRF history!

The Incredible Journey- Join Red Heron for eight days, four states, and six different rivers!

GRF Bachelor Party-Who needs strippers and beer when you can have shoal bass and,

John and Charlie's Excellent Adventure- Join John and Charlie as they take a week off in April of 2006 to chase some shoal bass.

2005: The Year in Pictures- Basser Drew takes us back through 2005 with a ton of great pictures!

The Aucilla Comes Through Just in Time- Blackwater Bill recounts the 2005 GRF Bass Tourney and how it was won by one ounce on the final day.

Ocmulgee Madness 2005- Here is Basser Drew's account of five straight days on the river at GRF's inaugural Ocmulgee Madness event held in May.

The Best Day of Georgia River Fishing I've Ever Even Heard About- GRFer Fishing Addict wins the bass lottery!

"That's What I'm Talkin' About!"- GRF member Drew Gregory, his dad, and fellow GRFer Randy Woodhead float the Ocmulgee River and have a heckuva trip!

Little T, Big Rain- GRF member Bo Uzzle recently had a fine trip to the Little Tennessee River in North Carolina where he battled smallmouth bass, a Canada Goose, the elements, and introduces us to "mochachino braids".

"I've Caught Bass Before"- Bill Bell and Yours Truly explore the Upper Coosawattee River and reach the conclusion that life and limb are more important than one more fish.

Altamaha Adventure- GRF member Altamaha Jones and a buddy spend five days fishing and camping on the Altamaha River in southeast Georgia.

Killa's Vacation: Lake Okeechobee and Peacock Bass in Miami Canals- GRF member Josh Alberson took a trip we all dream about. Here is his account.

Suwannee Bass on Florida's Wakulla River- Read GRF member Bill Bell's report from the beautiful Wakulla River and his introduction to the Suwannee bass.

Coosa Basin Striper Factory in Danger of Shut Down- Dave Bureau wrote this in 2002 when it looked like the city of Rome was going to rebuild the Lock and Dam on the Coosa. Though the immediate threat has passed (thanks largely to the efforts of concerned river fishermen), you can learn a lot about the fishery from this article.



Tips and Tactics

Creekstalking 101- NEW!!- How to go about discovering your own "secret" places to fish!

Gear Review: Native Watercraft Ultimate 12- GRF takes a weekend to see what all the fuss is about.

Shoalieman on Shoal Bass- An informative interview with one of GRF's best fishermen. Read and learn.

The Truth About Rivers, Kayaks, and Bass- A mystery author discovers the differences between the river and the lake!

The Beginnings of a Kayak Flyfisherman- Interested in kayaks and/or fly fishing? Yakfisher gives a primer on the basics of both!

High, Cold, and Muddy- How to deal with river bass when Mother Nature is out to get you.

Why River Fishing?- Not sold on this river fishing thing yet? All the advantages of river angling on one sheet of cyber-paper! You may sell your bass boat after reading this!

Fishing in Current- Fishing moving water can be a little frustrating until you get the hang of it. This article will help lessen the learning curve a bit for beginners and might even be beneficial for seasoned river rats!

Planning a Float Trip- There is a lot more to floating a river than you might realize. This article discusses the ins and outs of planning a river float and the information you need before you go!

Who Owns This River?- Our most frequent question. Here is what Georgia law says about floating or wading along a privately owned stretch of water and some common sense guidelines on coexisting with landowners.

GRF's Top Ten River Lures- This is an ongoing series of articles on what I feel are the ten lures that should be in every river angler's tackle box.

The Hopper- Folks who flyfish for bass and bream won't be caught without a fake hopper. Here's a tying recipe and some fishing tips!

GRF's Guide to White Bass Runs- Every spring these little battlers make their way up Georgia's rivers and streams to make babies. Here are a few places and tactics to try out!

The Lost Art of Wading- In many instances, wading is the best way to catch fish. Sometimes, wading is the only way to catch fish. Here are some tips that can help you become a better wade fisherman.

River Largemouths- Moving-water largemouths may as well be a different species from their lake-bound brethren. Get the lowdown on how to catch bucketmouths in Georgia during all seasons.

Panfishing Georgia's Rivers- Want a mess of bream for dinner? Georgia River Fishing's guide to what, when, where, and how to fill the cooler or just plain have some fun!

Catching Those Other River Bass- In Georgia, we are blessed with SIX different species of black bass! Georgia River Fishing provides a primer on Georgia's lesser known bass species.

Canoe Camping- Want to explore wild places, fish virgin water, and camp beneath the stars? What if you could do these things less than an hour from home? Here's how!

Choosing a River Craft- This article provides a few suggestions and things to think about before you make that purchase. Whatever you end up buying, it won't set you back as much as your neighbor's bass boat!

No Boat? No Problem!- Don't let not having a boat stop you from going fishing. Here are a few tips and destinations for bank fishing, wading, or even renting a canoe.

Where to Use that Flyrod?- For some of us, it's a long way to that favorite trout stream. Here are a few ideas for places and species that will help you scratch that itch.



From the Editor

20 April, 2008- The Shoal Bass Alliance

5 April, 2007- Book review: Tim Holschlag's Smallmouth Fly Fishing

8 March, 2007- It's Shoaliepalooza Time!

26 January, 2007- Happy New Year! See You at the Fisharama!

15 June, 2006- It's Been a Good Week

25 February, 2006- What's Been Goin' On Here at GRF?

20 April, 2005- "Rivers Rule....But Farm Ponds Ain't Bad Either!"

1 March, 2005- "What's Been and What's to Come"

28 April, 2004- "The Five Stages of Skunked"

7 April, 2004- "Forbidden Places" (by Troy Winebarger)

24 March, 2004- "Coming Soon to a River Near You!!"

18 March, 2004- "Jim Nielson on Flyfishing"

11 March, 2004- "Deer Creek"

28 February, 2004- "Jim Nielson's Happy New Year"

1 August, 2003- "The Odyssey" (part II)

23 June, 2003- "The Odyssey" (part I)

7 May, 2003- "My Best Fish Story"

9 April, 2003- "Happy New Year!"

18 March, 2003- "Born Again"



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