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The Best Day of Georgia River Fishing I've Ever Even Heard About!!

Fishing Addict with (left) his largest spotted bass of the day (3 pounds, 9.6 ounces) and his biggest largemouth bass (5 pounds, 8 ounces). These were just the tip of the iceberg!

(Editor's note: Fishing Addict ( real name: Randy, from Cartersville) went fishing on February 15th, and had the best day of bass fishing I've ever heard about. He took a quick weight and a snapshot and released every fish. I'll let Randy tell the story, but remember the moral: you'll probably never have a day of fishing like this, but you are guaranteed not to have one if you don't get out there and go. The following is Randy's account from the GRF Message Board:

    I saw in my "Bassmasters" calendar (yeah, I'm a dork) that it was the "best day" to fish this month.....well, can't pass that up when it is in the mid 60's in February!

Went to FT's (fishtrimbler) stomping grounds again today...

When I first got there I was disheartened....this is the farthest West you can put in at the Coosa after Rome (before it becomes Lake Weiss)....and this Tuesday the parking for the ramp was loaded like a weekend in the summer!

Too much pressure, I thought....Well, at least it will be a nice day.

I went to the first set of stumps I came to so I could throw a jerk bait and a pig and jig for a warm up...the two baits I planned to use the most. Nothing happened of course...but it is a good time to make sure all the kinks are worked out of the system!

So I ran up a major feeder creek a small bit and dropped the trolling motor.

Threw the jerk bait on the banks for a while, while pitching a jig in the blow downs as they came up. NADA (15 minutes).

Well, as I was working along the banks, I came to two mature guys wearing orange hats fishing with live bait. One guy started firing lures toward my boat as if to say "not too close, sonny" (can't blame him, as many people  were there today.)

Well, as I got 60 ft away from the orange hat fellers on the boat near the bank I turned the boat 90 degrees away and worked my way away from them. I kept pulling the jerkbait....nada.

Well, I passed the guys, and I was in the edge of the creek. I cast towards the last of the blow downs on the opposite shore with the jerk bait and got nothing...after 10 feet away from the blowdown I reel the jerkbait in like mad, ready to motor to the next spot.

But on the way back to the boat, the jerkbait found a nice 2-8 largemouth.....Hmmm....I start to think that I need to reel the jerkbait in fast as I can to get the reaction strike....

The guys in the orange hats decide to go to the next spot...and while they were right next to me I hook another fish...a 3#er...They were amused in a way...but not super amused as they had not caught a thing all day in the same spot....

One guy says "that made your day". I say kiddingly (in Curly voice from "city slickers") "day ain't over yet!"....Man, if only I knew what was coming up next....

Well, I threw this jerkbait about 50 times with a fast retieve AND a fast stop and go results...

I think: they want it fast: I will throw a rat-l-trap.

Well, that was the ticket....

I have always wondered how many fish could stack up on one point...

       3 pound 8 ounce spotted bass                5 pound largemouth bass                        4 pound 14 ounce largemouth bass

With trial and error, I found that if I was in one particular place (not 10 yards down or up) and cast perpendicular to the shore and burned my rat as fast as I could with my 6.3:1 reel I would get a strike ON EVERY SINGLE CAST. (but when you burn that fast you miss every other at least.

That sounds impressive until: I did not catch ONE bass under 2.5 #s!!!!!! (I did catch 2 white bass under 1#)

More impressive: It lasted FOR 2 HOURS!!!!!!

I was beside my self. This could not be happening. It seemed very surreal. I really had moments where I felt like this was the moment before I would die. No way could this may big fish be in 20 yards of WAY!!!!

Same stinkin' spot, 3 hours later...things had slowed down but still getting big fish. My wife calls...the kids are a total mess and she sounds pissed....should I go to the next place just like this or....I went home!!!

I talked to about 5 bass fisherman in boats much nicer than mine...not one caught a bass! That must have been because they were all under my boat!

I have had days where I lost count of how many fish I caught...just not days where I lost count of how many 3.5# and bigger fish I have caught in 2 hours!!!


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