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A GRF Bachelor Party

    If you browse the pages of GRF long enough, you will run into a bunch of pictures that include Fitz and Chris. I lived with Chris when we were both in grad school, and Fitz lived nearby. Since Chris and I were students, there was always plenty of time to fish, and Fitz was in outside sales, so he could pretty much go all the time, too. The three of us tromped all over Georgia for about two straight years and compiled much of the info on these pages through trial and many, many errors. Prior to GRF and the maturation of the internet, information on rivers was really hard to come by. These guys accompanied me on many adventures where we truly had no idea what was around the next bend.

    Our lives have all grown a lot more complicated since those days, and we rarely get to fish together anymore. Now Chris is getting married, so we decided to brave the tornado warning and impending cold front of a couple weeks ago for a bachelor party of sorts. Maybe the three of us could still catch some fish. Our plan was to camp on the Flint River and fish Saturday and Sunday too if the weather was decent. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Fitz has become something of a chef in his old age. He handled meals for the entire weekend. Supper Friday consisted of salad with homemade dressing, steaks, potatoes, and asparagus.


After supper, we enjoyed a few adult beverages and told lies until late

Due to the uncertain weather forecast, we had the river virtually to ourselves. Fitz took the stern and Chris soon started outcatching both of us. He didn't change lures all day.

You almost always see some cool stuff on a river float. I believe we just missed seeing this dragonfly change from the creature on the left to the creature on the right. The dragonfly still wasn't able to fly at this point.

It had been a pretty slow day, but the shoalies turned on around mid-day and we really started wearing them out. We didn't catch any mammoth fish but we did catch 8-10 that were two pounds or better. I'm not saying what the fish were biting so don't even ask. Needless to say, we practiced catch and release.

Barbecued chicken breast sandwiches with Fitz's homemade barbecue sauce, homemade potato salad, and cold barley pop. If the fish hadn't been biting I'd have taken a nap right on that rock!


I got in on the act too

And Fitz can do more than just cook.

Chris with yet another nice shoal bass. Around 4 PM, we ran into a fellow GRFer (Webb Nall) who was having a good day as well. Webb was kind enough to offer us a place to stay if the weather got rough that night.

We were lucky that the rain held off until 5:30 PM or so. We got drenched at the very end, and watched the rains pour forth and the skies worsen. As you can tell, the camper awning isn't holding up too well. We decided to go eat some catfish and see if we could catch a weather report. Tornado warning for Columbus, GA. Should we hunker down and ride the storm out or flee to the safety of Fitz's house an hour away?

I thought you'd never ask! Pancakes, scrambled eggs, cheese grits, bacon, sausage, and coffee served up hot at Casa de Fitz Sunday morning. As it turns out, we probably should have camped and fished the next day, despite it being cold and windy. We would have in the old days. Man, were we stupid back then.




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