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2005: The Year in Pictures

     I made a post about last year's favorite memories and I have tried to find time to write mine, but there are just too many to share. I thought I could do it picture book style instead. This will probably break any record for number of pictures in a post. Here is a wrap up to my 2005 fishing season. In no particular order...

This will always be one of my favorite pictures of the year

Great Trips with Great Folks...




Big Smallies on the New River


Being right there to watch a young'un get hooked on the greatest pastime known to man. By the way, you gotta land your own this year Fishing Machine, your time has come!



Spending Time on the Small Flows...





Strange fish catching scenarios - going down class II's while fighting a 4lb shoalie, then losing your paddle and having to jump out of the yak and, with the fish in my hand mind you, swimming down rapids after my paddle and having to walk back up through the rapids back to my yak. You gotta love the challenges or river fishing!

And then the story about how I ended up catching this trout with my bare hands like a grizzly bear. Here's the fish and Blackwater Bill's diagram down below:


Strange and interesting shuttle arrangements

Goofin' Off at the River...



When you can't catch fish, catch yourself!

An unexpected bite for KL

Filming the fight against Blackwater and this shoalie as we fell all over each other getting tangled in fishing line, drag chains, slipping on rocks and getting hooked with lures. It takes a while to upload cause it lasts a minute so be patient. Click here to see it!

Stalking the Prey...


Spending Time with My Dad on the Water...

And of Course, Catching some Big Fish...

I had a very fortunate year in '05 that will be hard to top in '06







3-1 Redeye



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