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The GRF Braggin' Board Page (Click here for the Braggin' Board)

     In an attempt to better keep the GRF Braggin' Board updated, we've put the new version in the hands of GRF Members. If you want to preserve your braggin' size catch or other memorable moments on this page, make sure you post them on the Braggin' Board that is part of our message board. Below are all the old pictures. They haven't been transferred to the new and improved GRF site yet, but they will be soon. When viewing the pictures below, just use the "back" button on your browser to get back here.



Kokosing Lover Gets a Surprise on the Hooch!

GRFer's Hit the Lower Flint

Savannah River Flyrod Bass

Cute Kid and a Cute Fish!

The Best GRF Fish Story of the Year (Diagram Included)!!

Ho Hum....Basser Drew Went Fishin' Again....

Kokosing Lover, ODog, and the General Catch some Big River Bass and Swing from a Rope!!

Jonathon Mathews with a Pair of Nice Pond Bass!!

Basser Drew Catches Another Monster (with video)!!

Aldo59 and a Couple Surprise Guests

Dave Bureau with the Biggest Striper I've Ever Seen!!

Creekstalker Jr.'s First Bass

Just About the Biggest Redeye Bass You'll Ever See!!

Redeye Rick with 5-2 and 6-2 pound River Largemouths

Pictures and Video of Basser Drew's 5 pound 15 ounce Shoal Bass

LaFeet Gets Middle Schooled!

Shoalieman, Evan, The General, and Intrepid Bob hit the Upper Hooch

Dustin Pate with some Outstanding Hooch Hybrids

GRF's First Pic Ever from the Alapaha River

Bill Res and Croaker Flyfish for Shad

Don't Mess with Texas

FishTrimbler with a 9 pound 9 ounce Hybrid

Team Pre-K Gets Busy!

Hamilton Bell has a Fantastic Day Smallie Fishing in Virginia

Shoalieman's Monster 6-5 Shoal Bass

The Suburban Bass Assassins Have a Decent Day

Redeye Rick with a Huge Alcovy Spot....Or is it?

Kokosing Lover with a Hefty Largemouth

Return to Snowy River

The General with a Couple Braggin' Size River Bass

Basser Lewis Starts the Year Off Right




GRF Hits the Big Time- NEW!!

The General Strikes Again!- NEW!!

The Bronze Bomber with a Massive Shoal Bass- NEW!!

Troy Winebarger with a Citation Shoal Bass- NEW!!

Bill Bell with an 18 Pound Striper- NEW!!

Drew Gregory's Citation Redeye- NEW!!

Dennis Crumby with a Beautiful Flint River Shoalie

Captain Fred with a Nice Lower Flint Shoalie

Dave Bureau with some Monster Stripers

Kokosing Lover's First Shoal Bass Trip

Pamlico with some Nice Flint Shoalies

Morning Breaks in the Mountains

Ehrpower with a Nice Flint Shoalie

CLB with a Nice Crappie and Jackfish

Monster Carp from the Chattahoochee!!

Four Pound Ogeechee River Shad!!

BravesWin with a Nice Yak-caught Largemouth

Pamlico with some Nice Flint River Shoal Bass

Yankee with his Hands Full!!

ODog and the General hit the Flint!

Monster Warmouth from the Suwanee

One Big Bass, One Mystery Bass

Hooker with a HUGE Shoal Bass!!

Jim Nielson Strikes Again!!

Zach Erhard's First Three Shoal Bass

What a Day on the Flint!!

Ehrpower's First Shoal Bass

Croaker's Big Ole Ogeechee River Shad

A Couple of Nice Suwanee Bass Pictures

Here's a Nice Way to Ring in the New Year!!




Guess Who's Daddy Runs This Website? - NEW!!

Are Either One of These Fish Smallmouth?

The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Fordkilla

Northeast Georgia Largemouths

CLB's Daughter with her First Fish!!

Bill Bell with another Huge Shoal Bass

Massive Etowah River Spotted Bass

GWH and West Georgia Cats and Hybrids

Georgia River Oddities: Prehistoric Creatures and Amphibians

Shoalieman and Jim Nielson hit the Upper Flint

Not a River Bass, but Dr. Trey and his Trusty Buzzbait Strike Again!!

Adjuster and ODog Terrorize more Creek Bass

One of the Few Bass Species You Won't Find in Georgia Rivers

Nice Fish from the Oconee River around Milledgeville

Braves Win: Nice Shoalie and Yak

Pretty Fish in Small Places

A Day on the Upper Hooch

A Couple Beautiful Creek Fish

This Is Why All Successful River Rats Never Leave Home Without a GRF Hat!!

Nice Georgia River Striper

Altamaha Jones First Flyrod Fish

This Is Nothing a Good Drought Won't Cure!!

Not Exactly What Owen was Fishing For, but He'll Take it!!

Perchjerker Lives Up to His Name

Bill Bell's Recent 8 Pounder

Nice Day on the Alcovy

Want to Know Exactly Where You can Catch a Pretty Fish?

One Beautiful Picture and One Ugly One

Fordkilla's Peacock Bass Trip

Big Ole Ochlocknee River Bream

River Fishing in 2003 Summed Up in One Picture

Owen Williams With Some Nice N. Georgia Creek Bass

You Really Don't Want to See the Pictures That Followed This One!

Bill Bell's Wakulla River Trip

Cool Black and White Pics from the Wakulla River

Redeye Bass Don't Live in Ugly Places Either!

I Wish I Knew Were These Were Caught!!

The Flint's Other Beauties

Big Ole Georgia Redfish




Ocmulgee River Shoal Bass

GRF Stock Tip of the Week  

Hey son, why don't you sit in the back of the boat for a while? 

When your good, your good...  

Smallieman hits the Little T

Anybody know any good Carp recipes?  

James River Smallmouth!  

Hands cold? Warm them up right here!  

Yankee's First Shoal Bass  

Great Way to Catch a Quick Limit!  

Wadin' for Bucketmouths  

Pennsylvania Bronze  

Nice Autumn Day in Middle Georgia  

North Georgia Creekin'  

Nice Ocmulgee Bass Stringer  

GRF's Cure for Atheism

Big Etowah Striper

"I thought YOU brought the net!" 

Big Ole Oconee River Catfish  

Chick-Fil-A targets their ad campaign

Interested in the Alcovy swamp? Look at this before you go!

God's Country  

Redbreast, St. Mary's River  

5 pound, 6 ounce Shoal Bass  

Big Flint River Shoal Bass  

Spotted bass, North Georgia  

Rainbow Trout, Pennsylvania 

Shoal Bass, Flint River  

Why We Prefer Our Rivers Warm!  

Largemouth bass, NE Georgia

Shoal bass, Upper Hooch

White bass, Little River

White bass, Oconee River



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