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    Welcome to Georgia River Fishing! If you have found this site, I'll bet we have at least two things in common: a love for the outdoors and a passion for fishing. About seven years ago, a small group of friends and I gave up reservoir fishing for the simpler, less expensive, and far more rewarding experience of fishing Georgia's rivers and streams. We have left behind not only the hassles of water skiers, boat ramp lines, and overdeveloped shorelines, but we also catch more fish than we used to!

    The purpose of Georgia River Fishing is simply to inform Georgia fishermen and women about a resource they may have overlooked: Georgia's thousands of miles of warm-water rivers and streams. Whether you are a tournament bass fisherman looking for a change of pace or a kid with a cane pole and a can of worms, I think you'll find some helpful information here at GRF. Perhaps you are a canoeist looking for a new place to paddle or a trout fisherman seeking a nearby creek to dust off the flyrod and catch some bluegills for dinner. Hopefully GRF can help.

    As you've surely noticed by now, Georgia River Fishing is not the flashiest, most technologically advanced site on the internet. GRF members are quite simply a bunch of fishermen who also happen to have computers. The articles on this site will be beneficial to both novices and grizzled river rats alike and there are links provided that you will want to check out prior to any river trip (weather, current river levels, etc.). You will find brief descriptions of numerous rivers and streams in northern and middle Georgia (my neck of the woods), and I intend to expand that number over the coming months.

    I hope that the centerpiece of Georgia River Fishing will be the GRF Message Board, where die-hard river fishermen and women can give each other advice on techniques, river access, water conditions, and maybe even share a hotspot or two. As long as we throw most of them back, there will be plenty of fish and pristine water to go around. Hopefully, the members of GRF will help each other become more successful fishermen.

    GRF may undergo a few changes from time to time as I try to keep the site updated and possibly add a few bells and whistles (I am a complete novice at this). If you have any suggestions on how to improve GRF, you can e-mail me by clicking the link at the bottom of any page. Happy fishing!


                                                                    Sam Wilson



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